We’re helping nonprofits turn passion into practice.

At Mission Triangle, we understand there are many people willing to contribute to nonprofits, but we also recognize that these ministries need more than just money to thrive. That’s where we come in. We teach biblical truth and sound business principles and offer the following primary services: assessing, training and coaching.




Our Next Event

Don’t slow down over the summer!  Join us for our Q3 workshop on Performance Measurement.

Nonprofit leaders know that measuring the impact of their organization’s work is important.  Yet, results are often hard to quantify and “success” is more complicated than data.  Join us for our next workshop and small group sessions, built to help nonprofits have a common language, set of goals, and agreed upon practices for measurement.  The goal is not to prove that your organization is “the best”, but to steward the resources invested in your mission to the fullest!

Featured Case Study

Trinity Academy of Raleigh did not have an annual fund and knew they needed one. They felt like their families were tapped out financially and exhausted from being asked for money. Trinity needed help cultivating a culture of giving and asking aligned with their beliefs and values as a school.