Baseline Health Assessment 2023

IntroductionThe Baseline Health Assessment (BHA) is an annual self-assessment that provides a snapshot of your organization’s overall health and is a starting point for digging deeper into the six nonprofit core competencies. It should take you 10-15 minutes to complete.


WE CAN HELP…Even if you don’t know the answers to all the questions, it is designed to be an educational tool to help you and your organization begin the journey of understanding and improving upon key organizational strengths and opportunities for growth. Full transparency optimizes your organization’s potential to reach its intended goals.

AudienceTo receive the maximum value, we strongly encourage your entire leadership team (board, senior staff, other key leaders) to complete the BHA. Responses are anonymous.


Cost and Reporting

There are four options for taking next steps with your BHA:

  1. The BHA is available to individuals to complete and review results free of charge.  Upon completion you will receive an email with your scores and possible next steps.
  1. The BHA summary report is updated and uploaded automatically in your PathWay account for your team’s review at any point.
  2. Those organizations attending a Mission Triangle quarterly training will receive your BHA summary report and the corresponding ten topical questions and answers at the training.  There is no cost for this option.
  3. Highly recommended – The aggregate results of the BHA are available in a full report to any organization that has at least 3+ people complete it. Because of the importance of upholding the integrity of the BHA and creating actionable steps, we have a team of consultants that can meet with your team in a BHA Review for a low cost of $400/$650 (depending on the plan).  Contact Brad Wingo ( for details and to request a BHA Review.

Next StepsAs always, you are invited to join us at any live trainings/events to take steps directly related to improving your BHA scores.

Click here to complete BHA2023.

Watch the 2 minute BHA introduction video below for more insight into this assessment.