Christmas and the Call to Generosity

Christmas and the Call to Generosity

With Christmas fast approaching, most folks are busy decorating, sending out cards, stocking up for holiday meals, shopping for gifts, and preparing to spend time with loved ones.

And while all the hustle and bustle can be fun, it’s easy in our consumer-driven culture to lose focus on the reason for the season—celebrating the birth of Jesus.

So how can Christians navigate the tension between the secular and sacred traditions of the season?

First, by focusing on God’s ultimate gift to mankind—the birth of Jesus 2,000 years ago to bring salvation from sin and eternal life to all who believe—we are freed up from the self-centered impulses of the holiday season to live out the Christian call to compassion and generosity.

Second, by remembering that Jesus said it’s more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). In this teaching we see that the blessings that flow from giving are as much for the giver as the receiver.

This means that beyond the joy of giving gifts to family and friends, Christians can “walk the talk” of Christmas by giving generously to the causes they care deeply about—and experience an even more meaningful holiday along the way.

Over the years, Mission Triangle has had the opportunity to come alongside hundreds of nonprofits who are making an impact in our community. Our experience shows that anybody who wants to give—regardless of wealth or status—can make a difference by investing in these great organizations. 

Here are three ways to give significantly this Christmas season—and help those in need in our local community:

  1. Find a meaningful cause to you and your family.  A gift is more impactful when there’s a passion or personal connection to the organization’s mission. And when you’re passionate about where your gifts go, you’re more likely to give more and get involved.

  2. Get involved as a family. Involving the whole family in the giving process is a great way to share quality time and encourage the next generation of charitable givers.  But it doesn’t end there.  Make a “resolution” to get more involved in 2020 with the causes that you give to in 2019.

  3. Match your gifts. Many nonprofits have donors who agree to match gifts. If you want to maximize your giving, taking advantage of a donor match allows you to multiply your impact during the Christmas season.

Of all the holidays celebrated throughout the year, Christmas uniquely fosters a spirit of giving that softens hearts toward the vulnerable and other key causes in our community—encouraging us to both give and receive.

For more information on giving opportunities to some great nonprofits, check out some of them here or participate directly with Mission Triangle this Christmas by clicking here.

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