Attend, Volunteer, Give

Join Us!

Picture credit: Adelyn Boiling Photography

Mission Triangle is a uniquely positioned organization that sits at the cross section of hundreds of nonprofits, board members and investors in the Triangle and beyond. Our goal is to leverage the remarkable skills and abilities of our leaders across the Triangle for the good of all.


There are a number of ways for anyone to participate in the work of Mission Triangle. And we’re confident you’ll learn and grow in the process. 


First, we invite you to join us. Register and come to one of our quarterly workshops or small group trainings. You will hear compelling discussion, information and a wealth of knowledge concerning the needs and opportunities in the Triangle.


In order to put on workshops, trainings and events we welcome volunteer help. Join us in welcoming leaders from around North Carolina and making them feel loved. Additionally, there may be ways that you can serve the hundreds of nonprofits we support. Feel free to contact us and let’s dream together.


We love supporting nonprofits and trust that you do as well. As with all businesses and nonprofits, it takes resources to make this happen. In order to continually improve the depth in which we are able to provide services, we invite your financial support of Mission Triangle. A portion of all that is donated is given directly back to local nonprofits in the form of matching grants.