How Can Your Stewardship Grow in 2020?

How Can Your Stewardship Grow in 2020?

On behalf of the Triangle nonprofit community we serve, we give thanks to the Lord for the generosity of our community in 2019.  Did you realize that National Christian Foundation givers all across the nation contributed $1.49B and granted out $1.23B to the incredible ministries and nonprofits they are passionate about? That’s an 83% grant rate, which was mirrored by NCF givers here in the Triangle!

Amazing, yes! But this is only the beginning. Now what? We must faithfully steward these resources, and this is no small task.  Collectively we must activate, coordinate, and leverage our resources for maximum impact! 

Why do dollars sit in donor-advised funds or bank accounts when the needs of nonprofits in the Triangle are so great? When asked this question, confusion often emerges.  

  • “I am not sure which nonprofit to give it to.”
  • “I am overwhelmed by the needs. I am not confident the nonprofits will know how to effectively use the funds I give.”
  • “I’ve asked nonprofit leaders real questions about their organizational health, and they don’t always have good answers. Therefore, my confidence waivers.”

Then you hear startling statistics like the fact that 1,036 new nonprofits started in Wake County alone in 2018, and a similar number ceased operations. The revolving door of nonprofits does not build confidence. 

So, just how are you to reconcile generosity and stewardship?  

Yes, we know you are called to be generous – but does that mean you should open your wallets and invest your time and talent in big visions that aren’t maximizing their impact? What if you knew the nonprofits you love and support were committed to running their organizations more effectively by Biblical truths with sound business principles?  Would your confidence increase? Would you invest more? 

This is where Mission Triangle steps in and has the privilege of serving. We believe healthy nonprofits transform communities and Christian-led nonprofits can and must look different. Nonprofits actively engaged with Mission Triangle benefit from quarterly assessments, training, and small group coaching.  In 2020 we will serve more than 300 nonprofits reflecting many unique and vital expressions of the Kingdom mission that unites our Christian community. 

Mission Triangle’s niche is teaching and coaching nonprofits to implement Biblical truths with sound business principles.  The outcome of our proven process is healthier, more sustainable nonprofits.  Thus, your confidence grows, generosity flows, and Kingdom impact expands.  While NCF and Mission Triangle are distinct organizations, we are committed to building a rich partnership with you (the giving community), Triangle churches, and other Kingdom-focused organizations to fuel, activate and steward resources for Kingdom impact. Imagine the impact we can have together in 2020 collaborating and leveraging the resources and tools the Lord has entrusted to our community. 

We don’t have to imagine. At the end of 2020, the Triangle can be a greater reflection of the true hope and glory of our Savior as a city on the hill.  What is your piece? What adjustments can you make to be a more effective steward?  

Together we can build healthy sustainable nonprofits, grow confident stewards, activate and leverage your generosity and see Kingdom impact expand.  

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