Mission Triangle Members

Mission Triangle Members



Mission Triangle Members are nonprofits that have been invited into a 2+ year partnership with Mission Triangle.  In committing to this partnership, they agree to attend the workshops, complete the assessments, and do the work needed to become increasingly healthy, to the glory of God and the good of our community.  If your nonprofit, or a nonprofit you care about, is interested in learning more, please read through the Mission Triangle Member Agreement here.


You do not need to be a member to attend workshops or small groups free of charge. We serve the entire community.  Members simply commit to and demonstrate a deeper level of commitment at this time of their journey.

Nonprofit Members



Durham, NC

ccs logo
MISSION: To explore the intersections of Christian thought and academics in the university.


CAUSE: Workplace Ministries



Cary, NC

Corral Logo
MISSION: To help girls in high risk situations experience healing and transformational life change with rescued horses and a loving community.


CAUSE: Youth



Wendell, NC

Dew Logo
MISSION: To teach truth to women, and live love in the community so that lives will be changed.


CAUSE: Prison/Re-entry

Feed My Lambs


Wadesboro, NC

FML - Logo
MISSION: To provide assistance to the needy and homeless of our community.


CAUSE: Poverty



Raleigh & Durham NC

GWC logo
MISSION: To serve women and men in the community by providing medical, educational and support services and resources related to pregnancy and sexual health without condemnation or manipulation.


CAUSE: Women in Crisis/Pregnancy Resources

Hope Reins


Raleigh, NC

Hope Reins
MISSION: To pair kids in crisis with rescued horses to find hope and healing.


CAUSE: Youth

House of Hope


Clayton, NC

House of Hope_ logo_Full color no tag
MISSION: To provide Christian therapy and counseling to hurting and troubled girls, ages 12-17, and their families; helping to heal each family member and bring reconciliation to the family as a whole.


CAUSE: Youth



Raleigh, NC

JM Logo
MISSION: To provide contemplative settings where spiritual disciplines are modeled and practiced in Christian community.


CAUSE: Evangelism



Raleigh, NC

Neighbor Logo
MISSION: To serve Christ by loving our neighbors through the practice of excellent, compassionate and accessible healthcare.


CAUSE: Other

New Life Camp


Raleigh, NC

MISSION: To love and accept children right where they are and walk with them toward God’s best for their lives through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


CAUSE: Youth

People Launching


Raleigh, NC

MISSION: To boost character and leadership to launch redemptive causes.


CAUSE: Workplace Ministries

Raleigh Rescue


Raleigh, NC

MISSION: To serve the homeless in our community through the love of Christ.


CAUSE: Homelessness

Refugee Hope


Raleigh, NC

Hope Circle
MISSION: To glorify God by loving our refugee neighbors with the hope of the gospel.


CAUSE: Immigrant/Refugee



Cary, NC

Green & White
MISSION: To build bridges of hope for orphans and vulnerable children across the world, by sharing the Gospel in a dynamic way through audio dramas and storycentric learning.


CAUSE: Youth