What We Offer

At Mission Triangle, we give nonprofits what they need most… tools to become proficient in the core competencies needed to be a healthy, sustainable, mature nonprofit. We are called to the Triangle area and thus want to be as generous as possible right here. As a result, Mission Triangle conducts and facilitates area-wide training and coaching for nonprofit leaders at no cost to the organization as a way to live out this mission.


to help provide metrics and evaluation to nonprofits and funders

Throughout the quarter, each participating organization has the opportunity to complete a self-assessment on the topic and work on a “growth plan” that will help propel the organization forward. From there, the organization can re-take the assessment on an annual basis and celebrate their growth and achievements. We will work with the organization on strategies towards communicating their growth and future opportunities to their supporters.


to teach structure and systems to enhance efficiency

Takes place on a quarterly basis throughout the year. These trainings are open to the public and the cost is covered by Mission Triangle champions. We do ask that all attendees complete a registration
 form that allows us to know their interest and any organizations they are representing.


These trainings are generally 3-4 hours in length and cover one of the three Mission Triangle core competency topics. Each training is also accompanied by an organizational assessment that the attendees and other members of their nonprofit are asked to complete prior to attending, so that we can further identify the best way in which to serve the audience.


to lead and guide the application of efficient processes and procedures

Coaching is performed in two ways; in small groups and through 1:1 meetings. The small groups are designed to go in depth on topics related to the Core Competency being covered that quarter and provide a chance for more discussion and tangible work by each organization. Each small group is designed to be a dynamic working time of 1.5 hours and is free of charge to those organizations that attended the training workshop.


1:1 coaching occurs by request of the organization’s leader and is usually 1.5 hours in length. These meetings are also free of charge for those leaders who attended the training workshop. These sessions will serve two main purposes: to dive deeper on next steps related to the quarterly Core Competency and to work through any other key topics that the leader feels needs to be addressed. Mission Triangle works hard to ensure that each participating ministry has access to one coaching session each quarter.


individualized consulting dedicated to your nonprofit’s needs

From time to time, organizations need to engage Mission Triangle in different and deeper ways. In order to meet these needs, Mission Triangle sets aside time for “Fee-for-Service” Consulting. Triangle-based nonprofits have priority, but organizations outside the Triangle are welcome to contact us for further discussion.


community impact through strategic matching grants

In order to enhance the stability of an organization and leverage community resources, Mission Triangle is excited to offer strategic matching grants to those organizations that participate in Mission Triangle services and meet the requirements set forth. Note that in general, there is a 1-2 year process of working closely together that precedes any such grants.