Shark Tank 2019 Recap: Accelerating Kingdom Impact

Shark Tank 2019 Recap: Accelerating Kingdom Impact

In a night to remember, Mission Triangle and its sponsors welcomed more than 400 community leaders to Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh on October 17th to experience its 3rd Annual Shark Tank event.  Shark Tank featured three Triangle-area nonprofits that presented solutions to critical needs in the community to a panel of three “sharks” who asked challenging questions and encouraged each group to keep up their good work. 

All told, more than $40,000—and counting!—was raised to help Dew4Him, JusticeMatters, and NeighborHealth expand their Kingdom impact.

And in a fun twist, for the first time ever, audience members participated digitally in real-time as the “fourth shark” —creating synergy by asking helpful questions and offering more than 600 comments to the presenting nonprofits.

Beyond this, more than 200 attendees volunteered time and talent to help the groups move forward in their missions to bless hurting women, survivors of human trafficking, and neighbors without access to comprehensive medical care.

Here’s a quick look at each participating nonprofit’s goals pitched to the onstage and audience “sharks”:  

Dew4Him:  As a group that welcomes struggling women into a safe environment where they are trained in Biblical truths and given the opportunity to heal, grow, and flourish, Dew4Him focused on its launch of Dew Over Décor, a workshop and training space that will serve both the women in their programs and the community.  In this launch, Dew4Him asked for support for increased marketing capacity and program management, materials and tools—including wood, furniture, paint, and supplies—and development of its volunteer base of mentors, trainers, visionaries and art teachers.

JusticeMatters:  As an advocate for survivors of human trafficking, JusticeMatters made the case for staff and operational enhancement to free up funds for increased legal services, improved infrastructure for strategic growth statewide, and volunteers to serve as legal professionals, interpreters, interns, and administrative staff.     

NeighborHealth:  As a comprehensive primary care center offering faith-driven, compassionate, and accessible healthcare to all, NeighborHealth shared its goal of launching an on-site pharmacy.  This pharmacy allows for expanded access to medications and vaccines and redesigned office space.  In addition, NeighborHealth invited insured patients to receive care because their participation financially allows the organization to also enable care for the uninsured.  Finally, NeighborHealth called on volunteers to serve as medical providers, specialists and administrative staff – as well as to listen to, pray with and encourage patients.

Emcee John Clark , ABC11 Eyewitness News Co-Anchor and Providence Baptist Church Elder, introduced 2019 Sharks (L – R) Terrance Ruth, Vaneetha Risner, and Will Ray. 
Mission Triangle Executive Director, Jim Dotson, explains to the audience how to use Slido, the interactive tool that allowed attendees to engage with the sharks and nonprofits throughout the evening.
Thanks to Shark Tank 2019’s generous sponsors, each audience member received an envelope with a challenge cash gift designed to encourage each attendee to match or multiply—ranging from $20 to $1,000—that they, in turn, donated to their favorite presenting nonprofit.  
Shark Tank 2019 attendees enjoyed food and fellowship during the reception and interacted with the presenting nonprofits while enjoying dessert following the event.

In Their Own Words

Perhaps the best way to sum up Shark Tank 2019 is to hear from the attendees about their experience:

  • “The presenting nonprofits were not only informative, but instructive on how healthy nonprofits should function.”
  • “I better understand what I can and should be asking of nonprofits that I support. Now I can do so more confidently—I don’t have to feel bad when asking real questions.”
  • “Loved the biblical message and principles woven throughout the night.  Everyone felt valued.”
  • “Loved the pace of the evening… lots packed in but a festive, joyful evening.  We had fellowship, we learned, we were encouraged, we celebrated, and we gave back to God from what he has entrusted to us.”
  • “This is truly transformational for the community. Great job!”

If you missed Shark Tank 2019 and want to participate in 2020, please click here and let us know so we can be sure to invite you to this remarkable evening!

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